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Welcome to the Heuristic website.

Heuristic is the company that runs this website. Please read the terms and conditions prior to visiting the website https://heuristicls.com/. When you continue to use this site and make use of its products, services, features and tools offers by site, you (user) are accepting all policies, terms and conditions put forward by this site.
The relationship with merchants, customers, vendors, browsers, and/ or content contributors is dictated by the terms, conditions and policies mentioned here or available by hyperlink. These terms of service, terms, guidelines and conditions are applicable to all people who use the website. Users can find terms like “our”, “us” and “we” and all these terms refer to Heuristic LLC.
You are bound to agree to all Terms of Service when you access any part of the site. It is recommended not to access the website or use any of the services or products if you do not accept the terms and conditions stated here.
Based on the Terms of Service, new tools or features are included or excluded to the current set of guidelines and conditions. The current version viewed at any time by the user. We retain the right to make any replacement or change or even update any part of these Terms of Service. It is done by publishing the changes and/or updates to the website. Users have the responsibility to search for any changes in a period manner. When you keep on accessing using our site or using our products/service after posting the updates and/or changes, it is considered as your acceptance of those changes.

Section 1 – General online store terms and conditions

Your Terms of Service acceptance guarantees that you are the age of maturity or at least the age of maturity in your province or state of residence. It also ensures that your consent is given to permit any of your minor dependents to access this site or use the products/services offered.
Unauthorized or illegal use of our products is not allowed. You are also not permitted to breach any laws in your jurisdiction in the use of the Service (including but not confined to copyright laws).
Any violation of the Terms results in instant termination of access to our website or use of our services.
We hold the right to deny access to anyone at any time for any reason under these circumstances:
We have made use of headings in this agreement for your convenience only. They don’t limit or affect the terms in any way.

Section 2 – Service and price changes.

Changing the prices of products/services is our sole discretion. We retain the right to make any changes in the prices without any prior notice.
We also hold the right to change or discontinue the service or part of the service at any time without any prior notice.
We do not stand accountable to you or any third party for any type of price changes, content modifications, discontinuation or termination of the service.

Section 3 – Matters pertaining to products or services

The availability of certain products may be restricted through the website only. These products/services may have some quantity limitations. The exchange or return policy of these products/services are subject to our Return Policy.
We strive hard to show our products in a realistic and accurate way at our web store with clear focus on the quality of the images and colors. If your computer screen display interferes with the accuracy of color or quality of image, you cannot hold us responsible.

Section 4 – Billing accuracy and correctness of account information

The right to order acceptance or refusal lies solely with us. We are entitled with the authority to restrict, or cancel quantities bought per order, family or person. These limitations are applicable to orders given by or under the same credit card, customer account and/or orders that utilize the same shipping and/or billing address. Whenever we cancel or alter an order, we may make efforts to inform you through email, billing address and/or phone number submitted during the order placement. All rights to cancel or delay orders that seemed to be placed by resellers, distributors or dealers are fully vested upon us.
If you want to know more, you can read our Returns & Exchange Policy here.

Section 5 – Logos, trade names and trademarks

We have provided various types of registered as well as unregistered marks including trade dress, trade names, service marks, logos and trademarks on our website. These Marks exclusively belong to Heuristic and other respective owners. Without our consent, you are not allowed reproduce or show the Marks. You also don’t have the right to change or remove the trademark notices from our Content. We back our Marks with copyright, trade dress, trademark and other types of unfair competition laws and intellectual property rights.
Heuristic LLC owns all functionality, features and contents of this website. The audios, videos, displays, images, texts, software and all other aspect belong to us. We hold the right over the design, selection and arrangement. All licensors and other related aspects are also safeguarded by intellectual property, trade secret, patent, trademark, international copyright and other proprietary rights laws.
These Terms equip you with the license to access and utilize the site for personal, non-transferable and non-commercial purpose. Any content or image should not be recreated, altered, republished, distributed, publicly performed, downloaded or stored with illegal and unethical intentions.

Section 6 – Shipping terms of service

All product purchases from the website are in accordance with a shipment contract. It clearly suggests that that the responsibility of product loss and title for the products is passed on to you when we deliver our products to the carrier. If you want to know more about our shipping policy, you can click here.

Section 7 – Personal information and privacy policy

Our privacy policy dictates your personal information submission through the store. You can find more information about privacy policy here. These terms and conditions are supplemented by our Privacy Policy. When you start using our site, it is warranted that you have read and accepted the Privacy Policy put forward by us.

Section 8 – Prohibited uses

Apart from the prohibition clauses included in the Terms of Service, you are not allowed to make use of the site and content:
If you get engaged in any of these activities, we retain the right to discontinue your use of the Service or website.

Section 9 – Liability Limitation

Under no circumstances is Heuristic, and its directors, employees, partners, agents, suppliers or licensors are directly or indirectly liable for any type of loss, injury, claim, data loss, time loss and other types of losses or damages arising from every reason unless mentioned otherwise.

Section 10 – Severability

If any of these Terms of Service provisions are found to be unenforceable illegal; those provisions shall nevertheless be fully implantable allowed by the concerned law, and the unlawful provision will be removed from the Terms of Service. This determination shall not interfere or adversely affect the legality or validity of other existing provisions.

Section 11 – Indemnification

You accept to secure, defend and indemnify Heuristic LLC. our employees, directors, partners, affiliates, licensors, contractors and suppliers from any obligation, demand or claim such as fees of attorneys made by any external party because of or growing out of your violation of these Terms of Service or the documents they integrate by third-party rights, breach of law and reference.

Section 12 – Termination

The liabilities, burdens and obligations of the parties sustained before the cancellation date shall outlast the agreement cancellation for all purposes.
The validity of these Terms of Service stays active until cancelled by us or you. You have the right to cancel or terminate these Terms of Service by intimating us that you are not interested in using our services or when you stop utilizing our website.
We also retain the right to cancel the Terms of Service if we find that you do not meet of fail to show compatibility with any terms of provision put forward by us. We have the right to cancel without any prior intimation at any time. In such a situation, you will stay accountable for all financial losses due up to and including the termination date and/or appropriately may turn down you access to entire or any part of our Services.

Section 13 – Entire Agreement

If we fail to notice and implement any right or provision of these Terms of Services shall not establish a waiver of such provision or right.
The rules, regulations, policies, and the Terms of Service put forward by us on this site in relation with The Service formulate the entire agreement and relationship between us and you. These policies also control your use of the Service, replacing any former or existing oral or written proposals, communications or agreements between you and us. (Including but not confined to, any former versions of the Terms of Service).
Any confusion in interpreting these Terms of Service shall not be conveniently expounded against the drafting party.

Section 14 – Governing the Law

These Rules, Regulations, Terms of Service and all other additional agreements in accordance with the services provided by us shall be controlled and interpreted on the basis of the laws of the United States and the state of Texas.

Section 15 – Changes in Terms of Services

The up to date version of the Terms of Services can be reviewed by you at any time on this page.
We retain the right to alter or replace any clause of these Terms of Service by publishing changes and updates in our site. The responsibility of checking the site frequently to find the changes lies with you. As you keep on using our site and services after publishing the Terms of Service alterations establishes your acceptance to the changes made.

Section 16 – Contact Information

All questions in connection with the Terms of Service must be sent to us at sales@ heuristicls.com