– “THE LEAN MASS – 12 WEEKS TRAINING PROGRAM”is a 12 weeks plan that features a number of advanced training principles designed not just to build muscle but increase cardio function and also burn fat. That’s because with its intense pacing and short rest periods, it’s partly a HIIT Cardio routine – just one that builds muscle.

– For the next twelve weeks, you’ll be moving a lot and resting little.

– This program packs maximum volume into minimum time for a workout that is as efficient as it is productive, and you can adjust the timing of it by slowing down or speeding up the pace. You’ll just need to adjust the weights used.

– Generally speaking, the set-rep scheme for this routine follows a traditional pyramid format, in which weights increase while reps decrease over the course of each exercise. That being said, the rep range varies quite a bit, but on the whole is probably a little higher than you’re used to doing. In my personal experience, higher reps lead to denser, more detailed muscles, not to mention greater overall physical endurance.

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