About us

About Us

The Story

No days off! That is my motto. That is how I got to where I am today. Defying the odds, my father moved my three sisters and myself from Ghana to the U.S. After earning my bachelor’s from the University of Houston on a football scholarship, I began working in corporate for Lesco. However, something was missing and my journey was far from over. I decided to take a leap of faith and focus on my passion – fitness. In collaboration with my cousin, Kwadwo, Heuristic Lifestyle was born.

The Journey

Our vision at Heuristic Lifestyle is to teach clients new ways to optimize their health goals while complimenting their lifestyle with fitness apparel. Heuristic Lifestyle focuses on sculpting the physique while implementing nutrition and wellness plans to enhance personal training programs.
With these ambitions clear, our brand began to grow and while filming a workout, I was noticed by Ludacris at a local gym. A relaxing trip to Miami catapulted me into the next stage of my life and I became his personal fitness trainer. From here, the journey continues and I invite you to join me on the grind! Let’s do this!